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Things to know about international courier service

Steven Ford 0

Whether you are a business owner sending shipments overseas or sending a gift to your loved one abroad; there are certain things that you need to research and know about international courier services. Many people have this perception that sending a parcel abroad is quite fun and an easy thing to do but it is nothing like that.

Whether you send a small parcel to USA or an expensive one, there is no fun about it, unless you are aware of all the restrictions.

Tips to consider while sending a parcel abroad

There are quite a lot of courier services that are available, but before choosing one to send a cheap parcel to USA or anywhere else there are certain tips that you should know before sending parcels abroad.

  • Prohibited stuff- While sending a parcel abroad it is important to keep in mind the contents of the parcel and the country you are sending it to. Every country has different rules and regulations regarding the contents of an international parcel. So it is important to check the list of prohibited items of the country that you are planning to send the parcel to. You can get the required information from the postal website of that country.
  • Custom forms- While sending a parcel abroad it is important to fill the custom forms; in this form one has to mention the contents of the parcel as well as its value.
  • Check the delivery address- Most of the international courier issues are caused to due to wrong delivery address. In order to prevent this, it is important to check in fact double check the address on which you are sending the parcel to. Ask the recipient, in case you are unsure or confused regarding the right address.
  • Add the return address- Well this is something that can help in case the parcel is not received by the recipient. So add a note with the return address on the parcel that you are sending.
  • Weigh your parcel- It is better to weigh the parcel before sending it, so make sure that the information is accurate before you get the booking done. In case the courier is heavier than you had mentioned, then the courier company might refuse to take it.


All these things are important to consider before sending an international parcel abroad.