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What Is Synthetic Urine And Why it is in Trend?

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Urine tests are used for drug screening purposes. The traces of drugs can be easily found in urine saliva of the person. Many companies conduct the drug test to ensure that their employee is productive. These tests are important to ensure a safe working environment. There might be chances that people have some apprehensions while taking these tests if they are drug consumer. But now there is a solution to this. The solution is synthetic urine.

What is synthetic urine?

Do you ever imagine that What Is Synthetic Urine? Yes, it is possible to generate the exact copy of urine of a person which is called synthetic urine. It was first developed in the 19th century during a chemical experiment. This urine has a long shelf life and doesn’t have the harmful impurities.  One might think that it is illegal. Yes, it is illegal up to some extent and should be very careful while using a fake pee. But nowadays the supplier is also very smart and produces the same chemical compositions that it might be difficult to identify which one is real or fake. If one is a drug user and seriously want the job then there is no wrong to use synthetic urine for screening. Synthetic urines are not only trending for fake tests but they are used for scientific studies and urine therapies.  These are widely in trend only a few years back due to its efficiency in passing screen tests. Learn more about the synthetic urine at

How synthetic urine is composed.

Synthetic urine can be defined as combinations of components which naturally occur in human urine. It has some physical and chemical appearance as like the real pee.. it includes urea, uric acid, ammonia, sulfates etc. even sometimes vitamins and hormones are added in the urine to make it more real and undetectable while screening test. It even has the same ph. and gravity level which makes it even more difficult to detect it.  There are many online sites where such urines are available but they pre-describe that they are selling it only for the legal purpose. In some countries, it is legal to buy it while in some it is banned. In order to avoid embarrassment and punishment, one should buy the best quality product. Also, the basic condition it requires is preheating. Without pre-heating the trick will fail. But if one manages to preheat the fake pee than it is an effect. The fake urine is becoming a popular and job-saving instrument for many.