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What Special Juniper Hill Farms Offer

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Juniper hill farm which was also known as Juniper Hill Inn is an estate and mansion house at Juniper Hill road in Vermont State in America. Earlier it used to be a private property owned by a very prominent lawyer of New York Maxwell Evarts. Since his son died this property has been used for multiple commercial purposes later in 2014 it was auctioned and reopened with named as the Windsor Mansion Inn. Now it serves as a hotel which serves few rooms and rest of the services of a hotel. People who love old America architecture has Juniper Hill Farm on their list of the places they want to visit.

What Is The Speciality Of Juniper Hill Farm

Juniper Hill Farm was built according to the Colonial Revival architecture which is a nationalistic design movement in Canada and United States of America in which people have built their houses in a different way which was given the style of Georgian and Neoclassical architecture. This architecture approach of the Juniper Hill Farm makes it so different and special in its own manner where the people in love with historic architecture love to visit. This place is an attraction to the people who have a fondness towards historic architecture. When you will visit this place then you will get to know that how different is from every other architecture you visited till now. It is really a treat for you if are a lover of historic architecture.

How Much A Visit To Juniper Hill Farm Will Cost You

Juniper Hill Farm is a lovely place to visit if you want to get a feel of old architecture and you might be thinking that how much a stay will cost at Juniper Hill Farm? It is not very much expensive, you will get a room there in between $150 and $200 per day but you have to make bookings at least a month before because this place does not have many rooms and many people are attracted to this place then you need to make a booking at least a month before so you will not face any trouble in getting a room to stay there.

If you are really a person who is into history or historic architecture then you must visit this place at least once in your life and it is assured that you will not be disappointed by the visit.